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This is an early version of a simple utility to view the memory address space of each process running on a 32bit Windows system. It seems to work on Win XP and Win 2K - but it should work on most any Win32 OS.

Each process gets 4GB of virtual RAM. Generally, the top 2GB are reserved for use by the operating system. The programmer/user is given access to the lower 2GB. The 4GB space is broken into 4KB pages. This application creates an image that is 1024 x 1024, with a cell for each 4KB page. The pages are either Red (committed to physical RAM), Blue (reserved) or Green (free). Clicking on Reb pages queries the process for the contents of that page - which are then dispayed in the lower window in the dialog. Note that you will not always be able to view the page contents, and sometimes you'll just see ?'s in the contents box.

This utility is very useful for diagnosing memory problems such as leaks or fragmentation.

If you find this tool useful and wish to see it improved, please email me to let me know.

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Here's a few samples of what the app looks like:  
Screenshot A

Screenshot B

Screenshot C